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“Ha? I-I think I was suddenly praised. I, …well, me.”

Main-san’s clearly confused.

I chuckled.

“…However, Main-san. While I do respect you, right now, …I can’t help but think that-“

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At this point, I secretly glanced at those annoying, twisted, and lonely boys.

A tinge of warmth appeared in my chest. I expressed my feelings with confident sincerity.

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“Enjoying a game is just as important as winning.”


After hearing my conclusion, everyone- especially Amano-kun, smiled.

The Game Club room is filled with the warmest atmosphere of today.

However, of course, only Main-san laughed at my conclusion like a demon king.

“Ho, it sounds like what an innocent Amako would say. Sheesh, …and you just have to be my kouhai as well. I can’t believe the Otobuki Game Club president would say that. The next generation is screwed…”

Main-san’s still complaining viciously.

I apologized, …but, actually, I noticed it.

I noticed that her anger disappeared. Also, I realized that even though she sighed at my na?ve conclusion, she didn’t completely reject it.

Anyway, the room is filled with a lively mood.

-That glasses-senpai, who’ve been commented as not being able to read the mood, mumbled dazedly as usual.