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“It’s not a problem as long as he doesn’t tell anyone, so doesn’t that get rid of the issue?”

“If that could solve the problem, you wouldn’t have made this bet, would you?”

“…As expected, you really are essential to Class D.”

Kushida is very observant of other people, so it’s only natural that Horikita would recognize and desire such talent.

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“You’ve changed, Horikita-san. You weren’t the kind of person who would say that before.”

“If I always have disputes with others, I won’t be able to climb to the upper classes. It would be a vicious cycle that lasts forever.”

Have they ever been this straight with each other before?

They’re usually seriously hostile to each other, but this was the first time where they could understand each other. It’s a pretty sad string of events.

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If they hadn’t come from the same middle school, Kushida definitely would have obediently helped Horikita. If that had happened, Kushida would be able to influence the students that Hirata and Karuizawa wouldn’t be able to, and Class D likely would have been united earlier on in the year.

“The bet, I can take part in it, right? Of course, I’ll bet that Horikita will win.”

“Wait a second. What are you saying, Ayanokōji-kun? This is between the two of us; it has nothing to do with you.”

“It’s true that that’s how it started out, but as a result of all this, I’ve gotten involved. There’s also the fact that I was eavesdropping on your conversation, that’s not irrelevant, right?”

Horikita seemed to want to avoid more responsibility, but I took the liberty of explaining that this was a good opportunity. Even if Horikita won the bet and was temporarily excluded from Kushida’s attacks, there was no way to say for certain that Kushida wouldn’t just turn around and focus her energy on me.

That being the case, it will be easier to figure everything out here and now.

“I’d be happy if you could do that.”

“But I also have a condition if I’m going to become part of the bet.”