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Li Shi set his teacup down, feeling melancholic. “If others did this, I would think they’re trying to run away, but... “Since Boss Pei is the one doing this, I can’t figure it out.”He Desheng sincerely answered, “Boss Li, if you can’t figure it out, I all-the-more wouldn’t be able to either...

“Honestly, I’m just obediently following Boss Pei’s instructions. I can’t seem to figure out what he’s thinking.

“Boss Li, if you really want to know, you should just ask Boss Pei yourself.” Of course, He Desheng could guess what Boss Pei was thinking. However, he could not explain this to Boss Li. After all, these were business secrets. He had to put Dream Realization Ventures’ profits on top.

Everyone was only guessing Dream Realization Ventures’ plans for now, but none of them could be sure because it was not selling a lot of shares. It was difficult for observers to tell if Dream Realization Ventures was trying to run or if Tengda Corporation was moving funds around.

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If it was the latter, there would be nothing worth freaking out about. Instead, the others should continue investing more money into the project.

However, if it was the former, they should be cautious.

Thus, Li Shi specially made a trip down to try and find out what was happening. Yet, since He Desheng was loyal towards Boss Pei, he naturally kept his lips sealed.

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Knowing that Boss Li wouldn’t give up, He Desheng decided to direct him to Boss Pei. Boss Pei was a genius. He would definitely be able to manage the entire situation perfectly.

February 15th... Thriller Hostel...

Pei Qian had yet to recover from being stabbed on the back by his beloved employees on Valentine’s Day. He had even thought of arranging a Thriller Hostel experience for all his staff.

However, he dismissed the idea since the project was not yet completed.

Let them go for the time being and settle the records with them once and for all after the Thriller Hostel was completed! Revenge was a dish best served cold.

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When the time comes, he would arrange for all his employees to feel the love Boss Pei harbored for them!

At this time, Chen Kangtuo was telling Pei Qian about the completion of the second major project of Thriller Hostel.

“Boss Pei, the six small projects planned at the initial stages had been completed. The pulleys under the container can be randomly combined and moved, so that the players cannot guess which project they were going to enter next.