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In any case, the real battle was about to begin.

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At the same time, on the first floor of the internet cafe.

The other two clubs had also finished their training for the day. They packed their belongings and walked back.

These few days, the training schedules of these two clubs were the same. Basically, they would train until 12 AM every day before leaving.

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The daily training arrangements were mainly to play mock competitions, review the mock competitions, hold meetings to discuss tactics, play high rank games to maintain hand sensitivity, and so on.

Since the group stages would officially begin tomorrow, they had to go back earlier today and rest as much as possible.

At the entrance of the internet cafe, everyone pretended not to see FV Club’s minibus as usual.

At the beginning, the leaders of the two clubs even specially studied FV Club’s training time and deliberately avoided it to avoid the relatively awkward scenes.

However, they later realized that there was no need to deliberately avoid it. FV Club spent more time training than them almost every day!

The members of both clubs only woke up around 10 AM in the morning. They would only come to the internet cafe to train after having lunch in the hotel. However, every time they arrived, they would see that the minibus was already parked at the entrance of the internet cafe.

Both clubs left around 12 AM. The minibus was still there when they left.

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The leaders and players of the two clubs were very confused.