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“The online authors’ training class is still being held and the effect is obvious. Now, the name list for the training class is no longer voluntary because everyone wants to participate. There are not enough slots. We can only choose among the new authors who have achieved a certain amount of results. In principle, those who have already attended in the previous batch cannot attend the next batch.”

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“However, even so, the authors still flock to it. The readers are also clamoring every day to send their own authors to the study class to close the little black room to update seriously.”

“All of them have obvious improvements after entering the study class be it slow writing, lack of inspiration, or unskilled writers! Once such an atmosphere is formed, coupled with the old and new model, the study class will nurture batch after batch of outstanding authors for the website. The content of the entire website’s novels will naturally become richer and more exciting.”

Pei Qian sipped his tea, feeling increasingly melancholic.

The situation did not sound good!

Obviously, Zhongdian Chinese Network had entered a virtuous cycle. The authors’ income had continued to increase, their passion for writing had been fully stimulated, and their writing skills had improved with the help of other authors. At the same time, readers were becoming more and more attached to the website because there were more and more good works.

At this rate, the consequences would be dire!

At the moment, while Zhongdian Chinese Network’s market share was not as big as Infinite Chinese Network, a huge website, it was ranked in the top three in the authors’ hearts because of its high share percentage and good benefits.

Once the website expanded, it would definitely continue to develop steadily. As long as the person-in-charge was not mentally challenged and did not create some retarded operations, it would be very difficult for the website to decline.

Pei Qian scrutinized Ma Yiqun closely, thinking that he was definitely not mentally challenged.

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Since that was the case, Zhongdian Chinese Network’s development in the future would definitely be a high probability event.

He could not let this continue. He had to do something!

Pei Qian was also a reader of web novels and knew a thing or two about online literature.