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「Amazing…! You are too amazing, Allen!」

「Fuu, you’re truly an incredible guy!」

Ria jumped into my chest and Rose patted me on the shoulder.

「Ahaha, thank you. It was all thanks to everyone’s support.」

Immediately after that,

「Teme, Allen! Are you really human like the rest of us!?」

「I-It was an unbelievable output! Even I was frightened for a second!」

「Anyway, this is a glorious achievement! Be more happy! In the end, you saved the entire country!」

I was swallowed up by the Senior Holy Knights.

In any case, I was able to prevent the destruction of the Sunny Land, Dagrio, and saved everyone.

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When we destroyed the Red Drop and raised voices of joy, it began to rain again.

However, the rain was too weak; it couldn’t even be called a drizzle.