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“What a quick answer.”

A hand stabbed my sides. Horikita ignored me when I made a painful expression.

“Ouch… I understand your feelings, but it’s not a problem you can solve on your own. I’m talking about Sudou. Even if you improve yourself, there’s nothing you can do if the rest of a class is a minus.”

“No, it’s slightly different. Certainly, a person can’t achieve anything by themselves, but if everyone doesn’t put in their own effort, it’ll be an extraordinarily difficult problem. Unless everyone does it, we can’t even begin to compete against the other classes.”

“So what are you going to do? All you’ve done is admit that it’s a huge problem.”

“There are 3 key points we need to fix in order to improve. Tardies and talking during class. And then making sure that everyone passes the midterm.”

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“The first two will probably be done to some extent. However, the midterms are…”

The small test from the few days ago did have some hard problem, but overall it was easy. There’s a lot of students who still fail at that level, so the midterms look bleak, to be honest.

“Also—I want to ask for Ayanokouji-kun’s cooperation.”


Horikita looked at me with a blatantly unpleasant expression.

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“You refused Hirata earlier this morning, so I can refuse for the same reason, right?”

“Do you want to refuse?”

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“If I said I would gladly help?”

“I never thought you would go as far as to say you would gladly help, but I don’t think you would refuse either. If you really didn’t want to help, then… I wouldn’t ask further. It can’t be helped if you refused the same way I did. Well then, can I expect your help or not?”

If possible, I want to remember the words she used to refuse Hirata before… However, I don’t want to bluntly refuse someone who’s asking. No, no, stay calm. If I say that I will help, I’ll probably be worked to death until graduation. I need to have a heart like a demon here.