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This made Qiao Liang feel a little strange. According to his estimates, the new story mode would only last two to three hours. There was no need to create a new entry. It was quite a waste.

Could this story mode be rather important? That didn’t make sense, right?

Qiao Liang began to experience the new story mode with a little confusion.

The screen was dark. First, an emotionless electronic voice sounded in his ear. “AS-371-45 Team. Mission Objective: Sneak into the Zergs’ nest and search for the Zerg Queen. Execute the decapitation operation.”

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A deep male voice answered in a calm tone. “Roger.”

An image of the game appeared on the screen. It was still played from the first-person perspective. In front of the screen was a special round platform was a set of “Cloud Sparrow Type III Battle Armor” that had been taken off. On the right shoulder was the archaic character “righteousness”.

The first-person perspective protagonist paused for a moment before pressing the button beside the round platform.

The circular platform began to spin. The back of the Skylark combat uniform faced the protagonist’s field of vision, and the small glider and jet could be seen clearly.

With a click, the back of the combat uniform split open. The protagonist stepped in, and a series of mechanical sounds rang out. It was as if the entire combat uniform was tightly wrapped around him.

The first-person image showed various light blue and high-tech UIs, indicating various battlefield information. Even the small map had been changed to a more technological packaging.

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The sound of jetting air could be heard. The first-person perspective floated up and landed steadily in the cabin.

After that, the players officially took over. They could move freely and look around.

Qiao Liang was slightly surprised because this was completely different from what he had expected.