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Taking the cup from the table and blowing on it, Sudou asked us apologetically.

“Eh… a secret…?”

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“If rumor of this spreads, it’ll make its way to the basketball club. I don’t want that to happen. You understand, right?”

“Sudou, even then—”

“Please understand, Ayanokouji. If I can’t play basketball, I have nothing left.”

He grabbed both of my shoulders and pleaded. Things won’t blow over even if the rumors don’t spread. If word spreads that he used violence, the basketball club might not let him stay anymore.

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“Won’t the class C students spread the rumors themselves? It would be convenient for them.”

That was what I was thinking about. It wouldn’t be strange for them to spread the rumors themselves. As if he was saying “Seriously!?”, Sudou held his head in his hands once again.

“What if rumor got out already…?”

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“No, for today, the news of the incident probably hasn’t spread.”

“Why do you think that?”

“If those class C kids spread the rumor already, it would’ve probably reached us long ago.”

The school called in Sudou after school.

Also, there wasn’t any word about it during the day.

At least, it hasn’t spread widely yet.

“So we’re safe for now?”

But how long will that last? Even if you put a gag order on it, it’ll become a rumor sooner or later. Before long, it’ll be known to the public. Right now, the only thing that’s certain is—

“Sudou-kun, you should probably try to stay away from this case.”

Kushida, also understanding this, advised Sudou.