Online Money Case U

Online Money Case U

I felt guilty about spoiling the mood for a short instance, and worked hard in talking about delusions and nonsensical speculations for laughs…

But whenever there was a pause, my gaze would be drawn to Amano who was playing games happily by himself.


After school, I visited the arcade myself because Aguri couldn’t make it at the last moment. After visiting it one time, I would unconsciously visit it several more times. I was very particular about things, and would focus single mindedly into things I was engrossed in.

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I remembered that was the reason why I kept my distance from games when I prepared for my high school entrance exams…

As I walked along the streets, I recalled this. Why had I thought until a moment ago that the reason I strayed away from games was because I was ‘tired of it’ or ‘faded interest’? Even though I really like games, and only managed to pull through by keeping my distance.

From this perspective, it was only natural for my passion to be reignited after I started visiting the arcade with Aguri.

After I reached the arcade, I walked around the entire facility. Even though it was not that easy to bring in new machines, the rewards of prize machines do change frequently. My taste was different from Aguri, and I wasn’t interested in plushies. But I found something I kind of liked today and stopped in my tracks.

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That’s… a game cartridge?

Several cartridges for the last gen portable game console was placed inside the 500yen per game machine as prizes, as if it was a bazaar for second hand goods. As this was a rare situation and I found a game that I wanted to play in middle school but skipped in order to prepare for entrance exams, I put in 500 yen before I realized it.

I was surprised by how moved I was as I controlled the mechanical arm and aimed. The old game was probably cheap, and the packaging had a spot that could be hooked on, a kind design.

I maneuvered the mechanical arm and hooked the tag splendidly, and the prize moved waveringly to me. It fell with a dull thud. To be honest, I felt this wasn’t the proper way of treating the game, but it was hard to complain about it either.