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Wu Yue was a little surprised as well. While he did not have a good expression on his face when facing Zhao Xuming, it would be too much to pretend not to see him when they were looking at each other.

Thus, Wu Yue immediately stepped forward and greeted Zhao Xuming.

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“Boss Zhao! I didn’t expect to meet you here. What a coincidence.”

Zhao Xuming forced a smile and stood up. “Boss Wu, are you taking this flight to Los Angeles?”

Wu Yue nodded. “Yes, Boss Zhao too? Hey, isn’t this a coincidence?”

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“However, that’s normal. This flight is more suitable in terms of time. Great minds think alike.”

Min Jingchao, Ye Zhizhou, and the others lived in Jingzhou while Wu Yue, FV and SUG clubs were both in Shanghai. What’s more, there were no direct flights to Los Angeles in Jingzhou, so everyone chose to leave from Shanghai.

Wu Yue and Zhao Xuming happened to bump into each other because of the takeoff time, landing time, scheduling, flight seats, and the price of plane tickets were the most appropriate.

The meeting was slightly awkward.

That was because Zhao Xuming deliberately did not bring FV Club to Los Angeles. Both parties knew this very well.

Given the current situation, Zhao Xuming had no choice but to keep mum about it. He pretended to be polite and said, “Boss Wu, there’s still some time before boarding. Let’s find a place to sit first.”

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Wu Yue smiled. “Alright, you don’t have to worry about that, Boss Zhao.”

After exchanging pleasantries, Wu Yue called out to the others, “Come, everyone, follow me to find a place to rest.”

However, to Zhao Xuming’s surprise, Wu Yue and the others did not sit in the resting area next to them. Instead, they walked straight into the VIP lounge slightly further away.

Zhao Xuming was confused.