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Why is there people online part-time money?

"Well, it's not that I'm not convinced or anything. No matter how high tech the world becomes, boys all over the world more or less still become adults through such experiences. Shoplifting in elementary school and shoplifting in high school, both sins carry the same weight".

This is no longer even about seeing the girls changing, he's just forcibly trying to justify his actions.

"Unwillingly giving in, let's say keeping pace with this high tech era, peeping is also filming. But you know, if that's found out, even if you don't get arrested, it's plenty enough to get you expelled you know?".

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"I'm scared of expulsion, like hell I'd peep!".

Ohh---! Sudou and Yamauchi both lifted their arms as such.

"All that's left is you, Ayanokouji. We've come this far, obviously you'll be cooperating, right?".

"........I can't deny my interest".

"That's why your cooperation is there. If the three of you become a wall, we definitely won't be found out".

His eyes are serious. Even if I back out here, it seems he's resolved to absolutely pull it off here.

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"I understand. I'll cooperate. But promise me one thing, Ike. This plan's accompanied by a great risk. If we're discovered, it won't end simply. That's why, whether we succeed or fail, please promise me this is the only time you'll do something like this. If not I won't cooperate, and depending on the case, I'll report this to the school".

I spoke while mixing strict words with gentle words. By doing so, I'm aiming to draw forth a compromise from Ike. If I just one-sidedly object, there's the possibility that Ike and the others will simply shut up and commit a criminal act. That's why, as a condition for my cooperation, I placed the condition that this be a one-time thing. There's no mistaking though that if we're discovered, Class D might end up collapsing. That is something everyone here should understand.

"I'm telling you I understand. I too, don't think it's good to do something like this multiple times".

"Then that's fine. Because I understand you'll be betting your student's youth to challenge this".

"Let me propose something. If the pool opens at 9 o'clock then going there by matching that timing is most certain. If we're there first, then taking the innermost part of the changing room for ourselves is also a simple matter".