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Is the online excellence team make money?

I think the part that makes games fun is that unlike reality, for every action, there is a proper “reply”.

It’s probably different for unreasonably bad video games or games based on chance, but fundamentally, most games are based on predetermined rules. If the player presses a button, the character will respond, if your HP goes down to zero, it’s game over, and if you defeat the last boss, the game ends.

This “rule-bound world” felt very comfortable to me.

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At the very least, an outrageous event like

<After chasing down and cornering the criminals that abducted your step-sister, but, with no context whatsoever, after the intervention of a silver-haired miko, the criminals successfully escape>

that happens in real life is less believable than any event that occurs in a high quality game.

In that kind of world, it’s completely possible to have “victory” or “defeat” without killing or injuring anyone… it’s really wonderful.

“…Today’s finally the tournament, huh.”

Saturday morning. After finishing my breakfast with the family as always, I was sitting in the dining room, sipping coffee, while thinking about games. —When I realized, though, my sister, Riki, was still in the dining room, although she usually finishes her breakfast quickly and leaves the room.

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Sitting across from me, she looked at me sullenly while resting her cheek in her hands. She’s a dainty girl that looks like a really delicate doll.

I started the conversation with a harmless and inoffensive smile.

“What’s wrong? You look somewhat unhappy today.”

“…Not really~. Rumors have been reaching my all girl’s school that Eiichi has plans on his day off with a popular, beautiful woman known as Tendo Karen, but that has absolutely nothing to do with me, so…”