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Online part-time earning money, WeChat transfer

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The first three options were very messed up. If he were to create a publicity plan, he would definitely get a basic salary. Fortunately, there was still the option of an inspiration class.

Meng Chang felt like a person trapped in a huge formation. Danger was everywhere and difficulties were everywhere but Boss Pei still left a “life door” for him no matter what!

He could only depend on his own effort to seize this lifeline.

June 3rd, Sunday.

Meng Chang leaned back slightly after operating the laptop in his residence. He seriously sized up his fruit of labour after more than a day of hard work and nodded in satisfaction.

Yes, it was perfect!

Of course, this so-called “perfect” was a conclusion that could only be reached from his perspective.

Meng Chang specially opened a celebratory can of Coca Cola to make himself happy.

Meng Chang’s residence might not be good, but this computer was an office computer given by Tengda. It had all sorts of configurations and could easily deal with this simple job.

This high-end laptop was equipped with a 1 billion color monitor and a 2K high refresh rate screen.This screen was already enough for professional film veterans.

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However, there was only a simple PS program on the computer at that moment. The pictures inside were pure-colored backgrounds, and the theme content was made up of many words. It looked messy.

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It was filled with similar information: Eternal Reincarnation was ranked 24th in the entire station, top five in the Fantasy Zone, and had a total of 370,000 recommendation votes...