How to sell calls online

How to sell calls online

Pei Qian was enjoying his coffee after lunch while swiping through the mind maps of various departments. It was time for the monthly failure lesson again this afternoon.

Qiu Hong spoke about three failure experiences in a row, namely: the boss’s random intervention, unable to find talents he wanted, and deviation from common sense. These failures were inspiring for Pei Qian nonetheless. The only problem was how to apply these failure experiences to daily operations.

I wonder what valuable failure Qiu Hong would bring today. How exciting! Pei Qian was drinking his coffee when he saw a familiar figure.

Boss Li silently turned off the mind map on his laptop and then gave it to the waiter to put it away.

Li Shi naturally saw his action but did not put it to heart. It was normal and reasonable for a business genius like Boss Pei to have business secrets. Li Shi did not want to-nor did he dare -probe. What if he was left out of the pie otherwise?

“Boss Pei, I knew you would be here!”

Li Shi sat down very happily opposite Pei Qian. He took out a folded document from his pocket. “I’m here today mainly to talk briefly about the publicity works of each investor of Thriller Hostel!”

Li Shi was very shrewd.

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The investors had done their best in carrying out the various publicity activities for the Thriller Hostel since the last meeting. Publicity had basically covered all corners of Jingzhou and even spread to Handong Province.

They had yet to see Boss Pei publicizing Thriller Hostel until now.

Li Shi brought this proposal to Boss Pei for two purposes: the first was to get credit, to show Boss Pei that the investors had already contributed their parts. Wasn’t it time for him to show them his magical powers now?

The second was to test Boss Pei to see if he had other arrangements in mind for the publicity of the Thriller Hostel. The current publicity work seemed far from reaching levels of profitability for the Thriller Hostel.

“Boss Pei, the current publicity approaches are...”

Li Shi spoke about his publicity plan while observing Boss Pei’s expression. However, the expression on Boss Pei’s face was very confusing. Expectation? Definitely not, it looked like he was bored.