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However, Qiu Hong had no intention of negotiating with them. He said firmly, “It’s settled then.” before he left.

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Wu Zhicheng and the rest obviously misunderstood. That was because Qiu Hong could not make the decision on this matter. Wouldn’t it be wrong to negotiate with Qiu Hong?

Wu Zhicheng and the other producers looked at each other as they watched Qiu Hong leave. They saw confusion in each other’s eyes.

At the same time, they felt a sense of familiarity...

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At the same time, in Shanghai, Long Yu Corporation...

Eric looked at the latest report and smiled very proudly in the conference room.

Zhao Xuming sat opposite Eric, trying his best to reduce his presence and leave the stage for Eric.

It had been nearly a week since Eric’s New Strategy was implemented. He could already see some clues from IOI’s data.

The reason why Eric was so happy was that the data this time was completely in line with his expectations. The effect was even better than he had imagined!

It was certain that the revenue would decrease. After all, the heroes were completely free and the price of the skins were reduced to thirty percent of the original price. IOI’s gamers would not experience an explosive increase in the short term. On average, everyone would spend less money. Thus, the revenue would definitely decrease.

However, the decrease in revenue was much more optimistic than Eric had expected!

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Based on the figures, while the price had been reduced, many old players had been compensated and bought many skins that they had not intended to buy before.

Each skin might have been sold for less but the number of skins sold had increased. It had the effect of making small profits and having a lot of sales.

For example, some old gamers had originally wanted to spend 80 yuan on skins. Now that they realized that they could buy two, they would still spend the money. They would not choose to spend only 40 yuan to save the other 40 yuan.