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“I think that this trophy should belong to everyone!”

After Huang Sibo spoke, yet another round of warm applause broke out! Lin Wan actually had some tears in her eyes, and she was rather emotional.

Hear, hear!

Shouldn’t this be what a company with a conscience was all about?

Of course, I had also not chosen wrongly; coming to Tengda had been the right choice!

The applause slowly subsided.

Pei Qian continued, “Next, I want to reveal the special prize for the best employee. Huang Sibo, from today, you are no longer part of the designs team. The chief planner position would be given to Lu Mingliang.”

Xiao Lu was flabbergasted.

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Huang Sibo was stumped.

What did this mean?

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Hadn’t I just gotten the best employee award?

What was happening? Was I being fired on the spot?

Everyone else was equally stunned; they didn’t know what Boss Pei’s intentions were. Huang Sibo had done so well as the chief planner and the results proved as much; everyone knew it clearly.

Yet, he had been taken down like this?

Not only was he no longer the chief planner, but he also had to get out of the designs team immediately?

Pei Qian grinned as he continued, “As the best employee, I have decided to give you a Dream Fund worth one million yuan; you can use it to fulfill your dreams!

“You will still be Tengda’s employee. However, you will not be in the games department anymore. You can choose any industry that you’re interested in and invest the one million yuan. Regardless of whether your venture succeeds or not, the company will foot the bill!”

Huang Sibo—who had actually been so scared his limbs had gone cold—actually did an internal 180-degree flip!