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“What does that show?

“It shows that Boss Pei is treating the E-Sports industry as a proper, mature and regulated industry. DGE Club is not like other E-Sports clubs. To put it bluntly, the rest are huge internet cafes.

“As the saying goes, one can learn from the smallest details.

“Since DGE Club has such scientific and regulated management, the other clubs would naturally follow suit. If all the clubs can achieve this level, how could the GPL not be successful in the future?”

Yao Bo and Zhou Muyan were enlightened. “I see!

“It’s no wonder that Boss Pei decided to host the auction here. He’s showing us his sincerity!”

Xue Zhebin nodded. “Yes, Boss Pei’s attitude is very clear. He’s openly showing the club’s details to everyone without hiding anything. What could be more practical than this?

“The scale is so small now, and yet Boss Pei could go to such lengths. As the GPL develops further, and the the clubs get richer, Boss Pei might very well construct a building as a training base.

“With Boss Pei’s attitude, what’s there to worry about? Don’t worry about the bidding. As long as we provide the funds, Boss Pei can take care of everything else!”

Yao Bo stopped underestimating DGE Club and began to seriously assess its situation.

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Obviously, this would affect all bidders’ judgment of the GPL league’s value!

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Everyone was feeling a little abashed!

The company had arranged for high specification computers, given overtime pay, project bonuses, snacks; their normal expenses claims were already significant.

Now, even if one of them wanted to top-up money to play games, that could also be counted as expenses?

As if sensing everyone’s apprehension, Xin Hailu smiled slightly and continued, “Everyone doesn’t have to feel uneasy. This afternoon, Boss Pei will accompany all of us to the shopping complex to celebrate Ocean Stronghold’s success!