What can I do online at home?

What can I do online at home?

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“Huh? Can’t we like, do somethin’ else first?”

Instead of taking out her study materials, Kei voiced her desire to chat with me.

However, time was limited. The later in the day it got, the less time there would be left to study.

“If there are no problems with your academics, I’d be glad to chat with you as much as you’d like.”

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“To start out, we need to find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie.”

“How do we find out?”

“With these.”

I took out five test sheets. Keisei had created them for the Ayanokōji Group to check our strengths and weaknesses. They were extremely convenient, given how much time it would take to go and pick out questions to get everything prepared. Horikita and Yōsuke often made use of them during their study sessions as well.

“Most of our classmates have been tested with these already.”


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“There’s a time limit of 10 minutes per sheet. Go ahead and get started.”